MetQ has become one of the market leaders in processes relying on particle sizing and gravity concentration of various minerals.

MetQ was founded in 1979 to address some of the needs in the mineral processing industry.

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About us
About us

MetQ was founded in 1979 to address some of the needs in the mineral processing industry.

Initially, MetQ (then called MetQuip) developed and built its own polyurethane spraying equipment to spray solventless polyurethane as a wear resistant coating. With this equipment a 98% density could be achieved, and then be built up to any thickness. MetQ could then recondition damaged spirals. This brought on an enormous cost saving for the mining industry, because formerly they had to replace damaged spirals.

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MetQ has over 40 years experience of supplying a wide range of hydrocyclones for mineral processing applications, food industry, water treatment and others.



MetQ has a large range of spiral configurations and models which incorporates different feed arrangements, pitches, profiles, lengths and a host of other accessories to suit specific applications.



MetQ hydrosizers are simple equipment that uses the hindered settling principle to achieve highly efficient classification with sharp cut sizes.


Steel fabrication

MetQ has a fully equipped steel manufacturing facility.


Screen media

With our wide range of modular screen panels for mineral processing MetQ ensures your screen deck is optimised to achieve your required cut size efficiently. Panels can be customized to provide solutions to specific applications.


Other plant accessories

Spares made of high chrome content and polyurethane for extended life span. Manual and pneumatic valves for slurry applications including on cluster cyclones.

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Research and development
Research & development

Research and development is the keystone to MetQ's success and ensures future growth.

It plays a vital and important role in the continuous development and upgrading of existing products, new products, and techniques. We believe that the technology used to develop a new spiral, with a constant pitch and even profile in a short space of time, is unique to MetQ. MetQ spirals has left deep roots in the industry since 1979.